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About Us

We are experienced in intellectual property, inventions, new technology, prototyping, testing, new product development and bringing ideas to market via licensing or business start up, including finding appropriate management and the required funding.

We are also experienced in Auditing, Strategy and it’s integration with business planning and company financing.

A project may be designed to enhance an existing business, start a new one, licence to another company or sell outright.

We bring successful experience in working with both large and small companies, Universities, start–ups, inventors and designers, to evaluate, develop, test, protect and bring forward for planning, investment and marketing, inventions and designs.

Services & Plans

Best Affordable Marketing Aid You Can Get

Research & Competitor Analysis

Are your competitors growing and you want to outrank them? That's a piece of cake for us. Our expert team…

Online & Offline Marketing

We can handle all the ATL & BTL activities. Our access to big markets enable us to give you right…


Have an existing product? Want to flourish instantly without any effort. Let us be your team in success and move…

Our Skills

Our Skills

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Our Team

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Amanda Sparks

Branding Expert Education: M.S Branding (USA) Experience: 5 Years Successful Projects: 20

Jonathan Futral

SEO Manager Education: Bachelors in Marketing (UK) Experience: 4 Years Successful Projects: 35

Arcelia Riggs

Social Media Marketing Education: MBA Publicity (USA) Experience: 2 Years Successful Projects: 18

Mario Dehart

Research Analyst Education: Masters in Research (Australia) Experience: 8 Years Successful Projects: 45

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