13 Organic Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2021

However, organic ways may take a lot of time and effort but it is the best way to get real and active followers for your Instagram account. The more authentic followers you get, the more you post get engagement. Moreover, with the tons of followers, your brand exposure also increases. Here’s how to increase Instagram followers organically. Follow these useful tips to grow your fan base organically.

How to Increase Instagram followers

  1. Focus on quality than quantity. People prefer to follow those accounts that post high-quality content. No one is interested to follow that account with pointless photos and selfies.
  2. Use the filter to make your photos more appealing and creative. But don’t use too many filters, use one or two filters for one post. According to recent studies, the Mayfair filter is the most effective filter for social media marketers.
  3. Your bio should include relevant keywords, site URLs, hashtags and other social media handles. But be genuine, write a simple introduction to your brand. Don’t mention the features of your products.
  4. To increase your post engagement, try to ask some questions at the end of your caption and encourage your followers to reply to your question.
  5. On weekends, people tend to post the fewest photos, especially on Sunday. Take some time and post on Sunday as your post may likely get more views.
  6. If you want to become Instagram famous in no time then be consistent. It is key to success on Instagram. You can garner more followers organically.
  7. Use CTA aka call to action in your post captions. For example, share if you agree or add your thoughts below etc.
  8. Post regularly, at least three times a day. The more you post images, the more you get engagement. But post them at the right time of the day i.e. in the morning and in the evening after working hours. Midnight posting gets lower engagement. Post on Wednesday gets the higher engagement.
  9. Engage with the other’s posts too by liking and commenting on their posts. Find new people every day and like their posts. Also, buy Instagram followers,  follow some people too and engage with them.
  10. Recent studies indicate that multiple photos (collage) get a higher engagement rate. So combine some photos and create a collage using editing tools such as” PicFrame” or “Canva” and post it on your account.
  11. Contact the influencer and ask them to mention you or tag your most popular product in their post. If some known person has used your brand product, ask him/her for the mention. You can get a ton of followers in less time using this way.
  12. Another way is to invite some other person like an influencer (if you have a connection with him/her) to post on your Instagram account. Guest post by influential Instagrammer is an effective strategy to get hundreds of followers.
  13. Go behind the scene and stream it through live videos or Instagram stories. People love to see the sneak peek behind the scene. Also, it is a good way to grab the attention of your potential audience.