A beginner’s guide to get more subscribers and views on YouTube


YouTube is a free platform on which you can watch videos, plays, and seasons on a broad-scale. It gives you an opportunity to make your channel. With the help of YouTube Channel, you can earn money by increasing your YouTube Subscribers. There arises a point. How to ameliorate subscribers and views on YouTube? Although it’s not an easy nut to crack, but you can boost your views and subscribers by working smartly and following a few techniques given below.

Because in this pace era of technology, you need to amplify your subscribers smartly, as it is the need of time.

·        Discard the trash

Do you think your old content is poorly crafted? Then don’t waste a single second and discard that content. Because crap content builds a terrible impression on the viewers and based on the impression, they will subscribe or unsubscribe your channel. So, try to be choosy regarding your content and it’s editing.

You will gradually ameliorate your subscribers and viewers by improving the quality of your content.

·        Post trending content:

Do you want to get more views on the video? No worries, because there is a beneficial tip for you which will help you in engaging your subscribers. You just have to post trending and appealing content. For this purpose, RESEARCH. Plus examine the content of your competitors; test which factor is increasing their viewers.

Hence, by posting appealing content your subscribers will boost tremendously.

·        Try to post precise videos

YouTube and long videos have no connection at all. Because long videos will bore the audience and they will skip your video without seeing it. No matter how much marketing your product requires, make sure not to form a video of over five minutes. The key reason behind this restriction is that people who view videos online have short attention stamina. This will decline your audience rather than increasing.

·        Craft appealing thumbnails

Do you want your video to be more watched on YouTube? If yes, then make an appealing thumbnail which attracts the attention of an individual at first sight. Because people attract towards the cover of the book more than its original content.

Thumbnail is the first thing which an individual will observe, so it must have the potential to attract the people to watch the video.

·        Post the content consistently

Do you want to engage your audience? NO WORRIES..!!!! Engage them by posting content occasionally. Make sure to ask your subscribers to like and subscribe to the Channel. Your subscribers will post either positive or negative comments regarding your content that would be beneficial for you.

·        Use your money wisely

Yes, you heard it right, use your money. For boosting your channel, promote your channel through ads. This technique will surely help you in growing your channel.


In a nutshell, don’t lose hope if you don’t get subscribers in the first year of your career. No one gets success in one night because success requires consistent hard work. Work with a passion to earn money and subscribers. Passion matters a lot in any career.