Aqua Man Powers 2019

Durable Skin

Speaking of resistance and resisting loads of harm, one thing fans can realize when watching Arthur go into a fight is that he has relatively long-lasting skin. Like Superman, his skin can resist many kinds of human-made arms and other energy forms. The skin of the sea king is so dense and durable that it enables him to cross the depths of the ocean without being harmed, unlike his fellow human beings, although not permanent and having its weaknesses.

Human Telepathy

Aquaman is known as the ‘ fish man, ‘” as many supporters and readers understand. Arthur can use telepathy with animals, enabling him to regulate individuals slightly. Not to the degree of marine life, but can get people to do some duties or at least weaken their minds when in a fight.

Empathic Communication

Now it’s time to start all the jokes about “talking to fish.” While Arthur’s superpower isn’t precisely what it seems to be about many comedians ‘ routines about the underwater, spandex-wearing hero. He can’t speak to them so much, but instead, he utilizes empathic communication to impact or “indicate” that animals are doing specific stuff for him. While it may seem that he’s speaking to them, in fact, he’s just guiding them toward his own goal while in fight or attempting to get them out of the manner of harm.

Water Wraith

Believe it or not, a storyline gave Arthur the capacity to become a living water body. Yes, you’ve been reading that right. During the JLA storyline: The Obsidian Age, Aquaman, and Atlantean are sent back in time and enslaved for 3,000 years, only to be rescued by the JLA. However, the assault was the responsibility of the sorceress Gamemnae, who trapped Arthur in a pool of water. Zatanna drove Arthur into a living water body to defeat her when she returned to the future to enslave the world.


This next one was the cause of continuous fans discussion. You might be amazed to discover that Flashpoint (an event that saw The Flash change the universe when he attempted to save his mom from being taken out by The Reverse Flash) is the power to fly, one power that Aquaman lately acquired in the wake of the New 52 being created. He can be “blessed” by the god Poseidon.

SuperSpeed Swimming

He’s not Barry Allen, but he’s still reasonably quick (no, not the sidekick of the Green Arrow either). While the flash may be the surface world’s fastest man alive, there’s no one in the water faster than Aquaman.

When combined with his superhuman or “meta” abilities, his Atlantean nature allows him to swim at high speeds, reaching distant places in record time within the ocean.

Weather Control

He’s not a weather magician, but it’s known that the aquatic king can manipulate the weather. In particular, it is known that Aquaman can regulate and create tidal waves in the ocean. He was able to create tidal waves at will with the Water bearer Hand.

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