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13 Organic Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2021

However, organic ways may take a lot of time and effort but it is the best way to get real and active followers for your Instagram account. The more authentic followers you get, the more you post get engagement. Moreover, with the tons of followers, your brand exposure also increases. Here’s how to increase Instagram followers organically. Follow these useful tips to grow your fan base organically.

How to Increase Instagram followers

  1. Focus on quality than quantity. People prefer to follow those accounts that post high-quality content. No one is interested to follow that account with pointless photos and selfies.
  2. Use the filter to make your photos more appealing and creative. But don’t use too many filters, use one or two filters for one post. According to recent studies, the Mayfair filter is the most effective filter for social media marketers.
  3. Your bio should include relevant keywords, site URLs, hashtags and other social media handles. But be genuine, write a simple introduction to your brand. Don’t mention the features of your products.
  4. To increase your post engagement, try to ask some questions at the end of your caption and encourage your followers to reply to your question.
  5. On weekends, people tend to post the fewest photos, especially on Sunday. Take some time and post on Sunday as your post may likely get more views.
  6. If you want to become Instagram famous in no time then be consistent. It is key to success on Instagram. You can garner more followers organically.
  7. Use CTA aka call to action in your post captions. For example, share if you agree or add your thoughts below etc.
  8. Post regularly, at least three times a day. The more you post images, the more you get engagement. But post them at the right time of the day i.e. in the morning and in the evening after working hours. Midnight posting gets lower engagement. Post on Wednesday gets the higher engagement.
  9. Engage with the other’s posts too by liking and commenting on their posts. Find new people every day and like their posts. Also, buy Instagram followers,  follow some people too and engage with them.
  10. Recent studies indicate that multiple photos (collage) get a higher engagement rate. So combine some photos and create a collage using editing tools such as” PicFrame” or “Canva” and post it on your account.
  11. Contact the influencer and ask them to mention you or tag your most popular product in their post. If some known person has used your brand product, ask him/her for the mention. You can get a ton of followers in less time using this way.
  12. Another way is to invite some other person like an influencer (if you have a connection with him/her) to post on your Instagram account. Guest post by influential Instagrammer is an effective strategy to get hundreds of followers.
  13. Go behind the scene and stream it through live videos or Instagram stories. People love to see the sneak peek behind the scene. Also, it is a good way to grab the attention of your potential audience.

Effective Tips for using TikTok and gain popularity

With the power of challenge, filters, music, and lip-syncing videos, TikTok has become stronger and more structured. And now, while your favorite influencers are launching their new profiles on this platform, you risk finding yourself lost in this world made only of videos for a few seconds and artisan voiceovers. Here’s how to use Tik Tok?

The creation of the profile and the number of Likes

The basics of TikTok are not too different from those of Instagram. You register, better avoid short cuts to connect it with other social networks, create a profile, and start. Just like Instagram, you have to choose the profiles to follow.

Looking at your profile, you can then notice three figures: the number of people following us, the number of people we follow, and the total number of likes put to our content. A choice that goes against the trend with Instagram’s attempt to remove the public number of likes obtained to allow users to focus on the contents. If you are undecided, you can also choose the “Voyeur” strategy. Many TikTok contents can be browsed without creating a profile.

Videos, videos, and more videos

TikTok is based on videos. Clips ranging from 15 to 60 seconds can be loaded. Videos don’t disappear. They all remain on our wall. And they make up a sort of Instagram grid made up only of moving images. If you remember, it’s a bit like old Vine on Facebook.

To change from the social of Mark Zuckerberg is also the use of stories. They do not flow horizontally but vertically. This way, every story we see belongs to a different user. The difference is not trivial. If on Instagram, it is possible to use multiple stories to tell an event, to do surveys connected to each other, or simply to talk to your followers, on TikTok, content must be self-sufficient.

Lip Sync, how to make our lives more kawaii

This structure makes it a much more popular social side of entertainment. Scrolling through the home page, you can see how the contents of TikTok are largely light, also because stories cannot be linked to links that refer to other contents. And so to triumph are the challenges, the social challenges that we have come to know in recent years, and lip-syncs.

For lip sync, you want to synchronize the movement of the lips with background audio. It can be done with songs, with movie scenes or even with some TV catchphrases. The added value is given by the interpretation: the way you are dressed, the body movements, and the facial expressions.

In fact, the effect is very kawaii; a Japanese term used to indicate something that is not only cute but also a little childish. Do you remember the Hamtaro cartoon? The one is starring an organized band of hamsters. Here that is kawaii, big eyes, soft lines, and shrill voices. With this, buy Tik Tok followers from InstaDean to get more eyes on your videos.

A challenge to start: #lookatme

Just to better understand what we are talking about, you could start looking at a challenge that is becoming quite viral these days. If you look for the hashtag #lookatme, you will find yourself watching dozens of videos in which, under the notes of the same song, users show a drastic change of look. Usually, the transition is from scruffy / pajamas from home to elegant / evening dress.

A beginner’s guide to get more subscribers and views on YouTube


YouTube is a free platform on which you can watch videos, plays, and seasons on a broad-scale. It gives you an opportunity to make your channel. With the help of YouTube Channel, you can earn money by increasing your YouTube Subscribers. There arises a point. How to ameliorate subscribers and views on YouTube? Although it’s not an easy nut to crack, but you can boost your views and subscribers by working smartly and following a few techniques given below.

Because in this pace era of technology, you need to amplify your subscribers smartly, as it is the need of time.

·        Discard the trash

Do you think your old content is poorly crafted? Then don’t waste a single second and discard that content. Because crap content builds a terrible impression on the viewers and based on the impression, they will subscribe or unsubscribe your channel. So, try to be choosy regarding your content and it’s editing.

You will gradually ameliorate your subscribers and viewers by improving the quality of your content.

·        Post trending content:

Do you want to get more views on the video? No worries, because there is a beneficial tip for you which will help you in engaging your subscribers. You just have to post trending and appealing content. For this purpose, RESEARCH. Plus examine the content of your competitors; test which factor is increasing their viewers.

Hence, by posting appealing content your subscribers will boost tremendously.

·        Try to post precise videos

YouTube and long videos have no connection at all. Because long videos will bore the audience and they will skip your video without seeing it. No matter how much marketing your product requires, make sure not to form a video of over five minutes. The key reason behind this restriction is that people who view videos online have short attention stamina. This will decline your audience rather than increasing.

·        Craft appealing thumbnails

Do you want your video to be more watched on YouTube? If yes, then make an appealing thumbnail which attracts the attention of an individual at first sight. Because people attract towards the cover of the book more than its original content.

Thumbnail is the first thing which an individual will observe, so it must have the potential to attract the people to watch the video.

·        Post the content consistently

Do you want to engage your audience? NO WORRIES..!!!! Engage them by posting content occasionally. Make sure to ask your subscribers to like and subscribe to the Channel. Your subscribers will post either positive or negative comments regarding your content that would be beneficial for you.

·        Use your money wisely

Yes, you heard it right, use your money. For boosting your channel, promote your channel through ads. This technique will surely help you in growing your channel.


In a nutshell, don’t lose hope if you don’t get subscribers in the first year of your career. No one gets success in one night because success requires consistent hard work. Work with a passion to earn money and subscribers. Passion matters a lot in any career.





TikTok Followers

4 foolproof tips to increase followers on Tik Tok that actually work

Nowadays, many people dream of becoming influencers on various social networks and consequently seek solutions and advice to increase their followers and interactions with the public. This guide will help you gain more followers on a particular social network TikTok. Before going into how to increase followers on TikTok, I will briefly explain what this social network is based on.


What is TikTok?

TikTok is a Chinese social network, launched on the market in September 2016 by its founders Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang.

How does TikTok work?

The Chinese social network is completely different from Instagram, Facebook, and other competitors in this sector.

The reason lies in the fact that the application is based on very short videos, lasting between 15 and 60 seconds, where the user can record while doing a particular thing. People can also add filters, music, or other effects capable of giving greater visibility to their content.

Why is TikTok going into fashion?

The main reason is based on the fact that it is a new application and with features never seen on other social networks. But above all, it also creates a certain interest that is aroused by two ‘pillars’:

  • Music
  • Video

Well, now that I have explained to you very briefly what TikTok is and what it offers its users, let’s get to the point.

So like all social networks, TikTok also follows the trend of Instagram followers.

In fact, the Chinese social network, upon reaching specific requirements (including the number of fans), assigns crowns to reward that user who is the most popular and influential.

So if you want to know how to increase followers on TikTok, read on.

How to increase followers on TikTok

Now we will give you some useful tips to increase the followers on TikTok. Most users don’t wait too long and buy TikTok followers. It is good to buy TikTok likes and followers, but don’t forget to use organic ways to increase your following count.


Use hashtags

A very useful function is the use of hashtags, in particular those in trend. Put simply uses the # that is depopulating more at that particular time frame, which is the month, day, or year.


Try to connect multiple social media.

The real ‘trick’ is this if you create a successful character on a social network even if it’s not TikTok, you can safely ‘drag’ your followers onto other platforms. By doing so, you have already built the foundation to become an influencer.


Use the same tips mentioned above!

What I am writing to you are tips that are mainly used by TikTok influencers, but can be used (in most cases) to gain more followers on social networks!


Choose the song and effects very carefully.

This is another very important piece of advice. I’ll give you an example, let’s say I’m recording a video in which the sun sets, and I put a sad song in the background.

With all sincerity, I hit myself in the foot.

The same reasoning must be done with the various effects that are used.

So you have to be very careful about the songs you choose and its effects. The more song relates to the video, the better.


Be constant

The last tip is the basis if you want to make a career on social and in life. Many people tend to stay active for a week and then notice that the followers are always the same, and consequently, they drop everything.

You don’t have to do it! The result is not seen overnight, but weeks, even months, to see some improvement. But above all you have to be patient, nobody gets famous overnight!

Is Interest Tagging on Facebook Way of Increasing the Traffic?

The new replacement in the Facebook App:

Since the time the most used app called Facebook substituted its old feature of Interest Targeting with Audience Optimization in the year 2016, there had been much gossip and talks about whether the newly introduced feature would make things better regarding the restrictions of its not-so-famous predecessor.

Preferred Audience Optimization on Facebook & Instagram:

After the break out of new feature called the Preferred Audience Optimization, the app made an announcement to the publishers that the new feature of interest tags does not restrict the reach. Furthermore, the social networking app Facebook, which produces more than 10% of all the organic traffic to the online websites of the publishers, guaranteed that the click-through rates will increase with the use of the newly developed interest tags.

Similarly, it is very important to select auto ad placement while starting an Ad campaign. It helps engaging in similar followers on Instagram. If you don’t have many now, you can add Instagram followers from credible sources. It will aid in optimizing audience on Instagram as well.

The wrong assumption:

Though there was much excitement initially, no independent and definitive study could make sure that the addition of the interest tags to the organic posts would positively impact the engagement or the traffic. Through the detailed data and information gathered from the pages of the publishers having numerous followers, it has now been found out that the addition of the interest tags does not pave way for the increase in click-through rates. This suggests that the traffic gained by the carefully tagged posts has less probability to click on a link share compared to the traffic gained by the untagged posts.

This research and analysis have been made based on data and information linked with numerous major news publishers in the United States. These news publishers serve varied audiences. These news publishers were Echobox clients who agreed to take part in the study. Names of the publishers can’t be provided in order to preserve their privacy and data. But the participants have been carefully chosen as in the former Echobox studies for ensuring the characteristic results.

Analysis and investigation:

In order to carry out the investigation, a machine learning algorithm was first trained with the help of natural language processing mechanisms. These mechanisms could allocate related interest tags to the posts on the social media. It was done by the algorithm through analysis and understanding of the material of the share message, and the piece being shared. It was built and designed so that the tags can be included in several organic posts, and powering the procedure was the only quick and consistent way to do so.

Results of the investigation:

The results of the investigation were both consistent and clear. Not a single page of the publishers observed a major rise statistically in the click-through rates when the interest tags were incorporated to their posts. This signified that tagging did not fulfill its main goal of directing the posts to an audience more probable to take interest in the content of the publisher. One page also observed a major decline in the click-through rates with the increase in impressions while the traffic was consistent. The results were astonishing. Thus, it was assumed that the algorithm might not have produced interest tags of the high quality.

Why Cross-Posting on Instagram via Facebook is a Brilliant Idea and how can you Master it on a desktop?

The Instagram feature of posts being cross-posted on Facebook has been around for quite some time now but the vice versa option lacked. However, in the updated version of Facebook, it is now possible. The possibilities encompass a wide range for business accounts and marketers because this does not only save time but even is a tap away accessible.

Often at a time, important files are saved in our desktops rather than the phone, so when we sync both, posting the file on Facebook from the desktop will allow it to be posted on Instagram, which is mainly application platform.

Following are the steps involved;

  1. Find Facebook’s Cross-Post feature

To begin, there has to be an Instagram business account linked to your Facebook page. Now, while writing a new post, an option for Instagram will automatically appear on your screen if you have access to it. click on it to enable the feature.

  1. How to put together a cross-post-able post

The vital point yet includes the content you share. First, write what you need to post and add an image for the post to be shared on Instagram, to begin with. This content will be posted on Instagram exactly as you post it on Facebook, Image is the post and the written material being the caption to it. it is however restricted to post multiple images in a single post or a video for it to be cross-posted on Instagram.

Any size of the image is acceptable but a vertical image longer than 4:3 ratio should be avoided because otherwise it will be cropped on its own while being posted. Including hashtags can be edited on Instagram or Facebook one once the post had been published.

  1. Publish!

Before this final step, you would be required to login to your Instagram account only once on a specific desktop computer. Once the login has been confirmed, make sure that the posting on Instagram option is checked, then post away.

However, if you tend to schedule your Facebook posts for later, the option for Instagram will not be available anyway. Make it be ‘Now’ in order to avail this option.

Once it has been published, you can find the same post on your Instagram profile and on the feeds of your followers.

In conclusion, although the cross-post feature on Facebook from desktop may make the lives of the users easier and readily accessible by not only saving time but energy, there are a few limitations to it. These limitations may not be grand enough to rate the feature as being poor, but they need to be catered to carefully. Although if you have different types of audience on the two platforms, it is essential to post relevantly thus this feature may be of no use to you in such a case. Also, on Facebook posts, you are able to add hyperlinks which are not functional on Instagram.

However, on the contrary, you can always make changes by availing the ‘edit’ option on both of the platforms but it needs to be made immediately after hitting the post.