Effective Tips for using TikTok and gain popularity

With the power of challenge, filters, music, and lip-syncing videos, TikTok has become stronger and more structured. And now, while your favorite influencers are launching their new profiles on this platform, you risk finding yourself lost in this world made only of videos for a few seconds and artisan voiceovers. Here’s how to use Tik Tok?

The creation of the profile and the number of Likes

The basics of TikTok are not too different from those of Instagram. You register, better avoid short cuts to connect it with other social networks, create a profile, and start. Just like Instagram, you have to choose the profiles to follow.

Looking at your profile, you can then notice three figures: the number of people following us, the number of people we follow, and the total number of likes put to our content. A choice that goes against the trend with Instagram’s attempt to remove the public number of likes obtained to allow users to focus on the contents. If you are undecided, you can also choose the “Voyeur” strategy. Many TikTok contents can be browsed without creating a profile.

Videos, videos, and more videos

TikTok is based on videos. Clips ranging from 15 to 60 seconds can be loaded. Videos don’t disappear. They all remain on our wall. And they make up a sort of Instagram grid made up only of moving images. If you remember, it’s a bit like old Vine on Facebook.

To change from the social of Mark Zuckerberg is also the use of stories. They do not flow horizontally but vertically. This way, every story we see belongs to a different user. The difference is not trivial. If on Instagram, it is possible to use multiple stories to tell an event, to do surveys connected to each other, or simply to talk to your followers, on TikTok, content must be self-sufficient.

Lip Sync, how to make our lives more kawaii

This structure makes it a much more popular social side of entertainment. Scrolling through the home page, you can see how the contents of TikTok are largely light, also because stories cannot be linked to links that refer to other contents. And so to triumph are the challenges, the social challenges that we have come to know in recent years, and lip-syncs.

For lip sync, you want to synchronize the movement of the lips with background audio. It can be done with songs, with movie scenes or even with some TV catchphrases. The added value is given by the interpretation: the way you are dressed, the body movements, and the facial expressions.

In fact, the effect is very kawaii; a Japanese term used to indicate something that is not only cute but also a little childish. Do you remember the Hamtaro cartoon? The one is starring an organized band of hamsters. Here that is kawaii, big eyes, soft lines, and shrill voices. With this, buy Tik Tok followers from InstaDean to get more eyes on your videos.

A challenge to start: #lookatme

Just to better understand what we are talking about, you could start looking at a challenge that is becoming quite viral these days. If you look for the hashtag #lookatme, you will find yourself watching dozens of videos in which, under the notes of the same song, users show a drastic change of look. Usually, the transition is from scruffy / pajamas from home to elegant / evening dress.