How to build a kitchen Garden at home

Kitchen Garden is a place where we can grew a vegetables, fruits and delicious herbs for our daily usage. Kitchen garden does not means a garden full of fruits and vegetables in very front of your kitchen or around a kitchen, it means a garden planted near your home or a Farm house that is full of weeds and vegetables used for cooking. While building a kitchen garden at home you must keep a following things in your mind;

  • Location of a Garden

The first necessary thing you must keep in view is the location at which you are going to plant a garden. When you are going to choose a location there are two choices for you, a sunny one and a location lose to the kitchen chose a sunny area because it is very beneficial for plants growth and vegetables production The location must be;

  • The location you want to be planted is must be sunny.
  • Water source is available nearby a garden
  • The area must be protected from animals and insects because they can spoil a whole garden.
  • Area of a Garden

On the second point, here comes a magnitude of a garden. The area of a garden depends upon the location of a garden. As if we are going to plant a garden in a sunny place and a little far from a house we must prefer a little big area while if we are going to plant it close to house we may plant a raised bed garden. Raised bed garden can be made by a simple wood or can be order by some company. When you are able to create a bed then add a soil in it and starts planting a vegetables in it.

  • Preparation of a Garden

Preparation of a garden includes so much things. The soil where we are going to plant a goods must be fertile. Preparations of a garden include;

  • The soil must be well drained
  • To remove a dirt from a soil use shovel, and pick up the maximum amount of a dirt. Mix up the remaining dirt in soil with your hands.
  • Remove all the weeds from the soil including their roots because roots may cause the weeds to grow up.
  • In the case of raised bed must change the soil after 2 to 3 months to maintain the nutrients necessary for the growth of plants.
  • Selection of plants

After preparing the area for plantation here comes a selection of vegetables and fruits. We can select the vegetable according to the climate and the season of the area. Also take care about what you like to cook in your kitchen like tomatoes, potatoes, onions, green chili, ginger etc. Don’t plant a flowers that attract different insects it may damage your plants.

After selecting the vegetables sketch up the position of the vegetables. Plant same type of a vegetables in a row. Purchase the seeds from a nearby nursery. Water the seeds regularly in access and one the vegetables ripe cook them in your kitchen and enjoy their taste on your dining tables.