Kylie Jenner From Becoming Sensation To Recording Breaks On Instagram

Kylie Jenner is a popular sensation among teenagers and young adults, who apart from her many other talents, also happens to be an Instagram celebrity with over 137 million Instagram followers, which also makes her the 7th most followed person on Instagram. There are many reasons for her fame, which are mentioned below;

Kylie has been on screen since her childhood, by doing multiple fashion shoots and advertisement campaigns with some of the high-end fashion brands, which earned her a good fan following since the start of her early age. The popular television show titled Keeping up with the Kardashians is one of the major reasons for her fame as it claims to be a reality television show, where all the Kardashian and Jenner sisters appear along with their family and share their daily lives. This show has always been popular among teens and young adults, especially the girls, who like to keep up with their fashion style, gossips and lifestyle.

Kylie’s social media campaigns

Kylie invests a lot in her social media campaigns by collaborating with the multinational and worldwide famous beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands, which deliberately helps her in popping on a good amount of Instagram users’ profiles. Moreover, she does sponsor advertisements, promotes her own make-up and skincare brands, which have earned a great reputation over the years and months, respectively.

She likes to share a chunk of her personal life with her followers, such as her year-old daughter Stormy, who she kept a surprise for everyone until the day she was born. This can be termed as the ‘Surprise and Delight’ marketing strategy as this came as shocking news to her followers and when she posted her daughter’s first-ever picture, which was a mere hand, earned itself the title of the most liked picture on Instagram.

Kylie’s Popularity

Everyone is aware of one of the main reasons for her popularity, which is the fact that she is the youngest of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, and all of them happen to have a really strong social media presence with millions of followers. Along with that, she is famous for attracting followers by uploading some bold pictures, which is becoming a hit with the passage of time.

Her Marketing Team

She has a huge social media marketing team, who manages and optimizes her post engagements, the number of posts she shall make and what type of content shall be uploaded. Though, she does not post anything informational or detailed captions but still manages to capture everyone’s attention because of the massive interaction under her posts in the form of likes, comments and sharing. Similarly, there are companies that may be providing her Instagram followers for maintaining user engagement. According to a source, there are celebrities who hire companies for social media marketing just for fun purposes. Source (TweetnFollow)


The Kylie Jenner loves to be in the spotlight, be it any gossip, her red carpet looks, upcoming business ventures, love life and the social feuds, which really helps her in gaining a huge number of followers. Not only this, many social media experts claim that she has also a massive number of spam and automatically generated followers.

One thing, which shall certainly not to be forgotten is the fact that her family’s surname is always trending on the every other social media, which surely gains her a lot of attention too.