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What Happens When You Take Bananas and Sprite

What Happens When You Take Bananas and Sprite

Banana and sprite challenge is the talk of the internet. One of the craziest things is to try this and get yourself sick. It has become a tradition to accept the challenge. Little do people understand the risks involved.

If you eat a banana and drink sprite immediately after it, you are going to vomit real bad. The challenge has become viral and people are not stopping but trying it over and over again.

How Can the Challenge Be Done

  • You must eat 2 bananas and then drink one can of Sprite.
  • Do not be slow when eating the banana you have to eat it at a good speed and instantly.
  • Drink Sprite without wasting a single moment.
  • The person who vomits at the last is the winner.

Health Risks Involved

Sprite and Bananas Cause Vomiting

If you take this bananas and sprite challenge there are many risks related to health that you might have to face. Protein is supplied to your body with the help of banana and your stomach receives carbon dioxide with the help of a cold soft drink?

The stomach of a human being is really warm as compared to this order. If the temperature is high, carbon dioxide is not much soluble. The liquid gets rid of the gas bubbles at a good speed.

Carbon dioxide blue carbon dioxide bubbles are coated with a helpful banana protein. Your stomach gives space 2 the expanded form created in the process. This means a simple burp will not help your stomach get free from carbon dioxide. It needs to get out at all costs because of the large size of your stomach.

Mouth is the only remaining exit through which carbon dioxide can be released from the body. It comes out of the body in the form of vomit.

You will instantly puke after taking this Sprite banana challenge. It is because your stomach creates say some bubbles which make you sick. It is better never to try this if you want to stay healthy.

Sprite and Banana

Research shows that many cases have been reported that show how much the stomach of people has been affected after this challenge. Many people have faced bad health concerns. No doubt, people do it for fun but the consequences can be costly. Why should one play with one’s life?

People are usually provoked when they hear or read about it. It is because this challenge has been labeled as an “impossible one” like many others, e.g. Cinnamon challenge, saltine water crack, etc.

They think nothing would happen to them so they try it and get themselves in trouble. How wrong is that! Little do people think once how many risks are involved if they do it.

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This is not a deadly challenge indeed. But precautionary measures are needed to keep yourself safe from any trouble. Who knows what these stomach problems may lead to? So instead of taking this challenge yourself and promoting it, it’s better to spread the message to not do it!

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